The Etruscan Necropolis of Puntone

The mysterious ancient Etruscan people created the tombs of the necropolis of Puntone  about 2700 years ago. It’s definitely off the beaten tourist track, but just a short drive from Saturnia and quite a fascinating place to visit. As we were the only people there and it’s well into the woods off the road, we…

La Dolce Vita in Lerici, Italy

Arrived at last!!! Jeff sure pulled out all the stops to welcome us to our new home. It is an absolutely glorious place. Bosco the Italian cane is right at home!                 

Visiting Shawn in Grenoble, France

The drive from Paris to Grenoble is beautiful but we sure were happy to finally arrive!           Parking in Grenoble is a challenge, so we parked in the museum lot and crossed the river to Shawn’s placed on foot.      Sunday evening we hiked up to the Bastille. It’s a lovely trek that…

Visiting Jean in Kingston, ON

Made a special trip to visit with Jess’ buddy Jean. Took her to see her tree commemorating her two babies in City Park. She was so happy to meet Bosco and he was such a good boy!   

Christmas in Belleville, ON

Holidays with the Bates family!               We listened to a lot of the glorious new Adele album on this trip.      

Summery Rainbow Haven Beach, NS

What better place to take Jeff’s brother Tim and his girlfriend Moira during their visit from NYC?      The next time was just a family trip                

Sullivan’s Pond in Dartmouth, NS

Checking out the birds was a fun outing for a pup-prior-to-the-completion-of-all-his-shots.     No, Bosco did not decide to murder most fowl.   

Bosco’s first adventure

Bosco’s first adventure took place on July 31st, 2015, when Jess, Jeff and Nicki picked him up from the house he was born in in Upper Economy, NS.     After a stop over in Pictou to drop off Nicki and meet her family, it was home to Dartmouth and his new life awaiting there.          …