Mary Shelly’s San Terenzo, Frazione of Lerici

San Terenzo is a frazione of Lerici that we often walk to via the waterfront boardwalk from downtown. Mary Shelly, English author best known for Frankenstein and political radical, moved here in 1818 with her husband Percy Bysshe Shelly. She left shortly after his untimely drowning death near Viareggio (just south of here) in 1822….

Bunker beach in Fiascherino, SP, Italy

Should you ever find yourself walking the road between Lerici and Tellaro, take a few minutes to pop down and check out the Fiascherino beaches. There are 2 that the public can visit and they’re accessible from some hiking trails as well. Note: dogs aren’t allowed during the tourism season.

Boat ride to Portovenere, Italy

One of the great things about the Italian Rivièra is the opportunity to visit neighbouring villages and islands by sea. Bosco’s first boat ride was the ferry from Lerici to Portovenere. Yes, dogs are allowed on ferries too and it takes about 20 minutes. From there, one can continue on to the Cinque Terre or…

Lerici’s Castle – Castello di Lerici, Italy

The most prominent landmark of Lerici, the castle, is visible from all over the place but is worth checking out close up. It has spectacular views of the Gulf of Poets and is home to a delightfully wacky museum – there’s a gothic chapel, modern art sculptures, and a permanent dinosaur exhibit. A tunnel underneath…

Trees of the trail from Barcola to Lerici, Italy

The remarkable difference in vegetation north and south of the Alps is something one notices immediately upon crossing into Italy from France. The trail from Barcola down to Lerici features some spectacular examples of northern Italy’s beautiful greenery.   Cyprus trees are an ancient symbol of mourning and usually mark cemeteries.     If you need to mend a…

Ancient forest village near La Rocchetta, Italy

Climbing from the riviera town of Lerici, up through the hill top village of La Serra and into the mountainous terrain near La Rocchetta was today’s adventure.    We found the ruins of at least 50 houses abandoned in the forest. Notice how the walls are all mortar-free, built using the painstaking traditional method that…

Bella vista trails 461-463 in Lerici, Italy

Today we explored a few more of the many trails in and around Lerici.  From home we went downhill to get onto the 461 (point “1” in the map below) and then up, up and away into the hills. We discovered some magnificent views of the Golfo dei Poeti.