The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames in SW London, England, U.K.

Yet a third ancient coronation site proved a superb holiday road trip stop – this time, the historic market town where Saxon kings were once crowned. Kingston upon Thames is situated in southwest London and is a more affordable alternative to staying downtown. The small and vibrant borough is easily walkable and true to its…

A Visit to Pemberley – Lyme Park, Peak District, England, U.K.

Pride and Prejudice, published by Jane Austin in 1813, is one of the most-loved books in English literature. The BBC aired a 6-episode television adaptation in 1995. It too became a smashing success and is watched and rewatched on DVD by fans around the world, including Bosco. It was therefore imperative that we visit Lyme…

Excellent Edinburgh in Scotland, U.K.

When visiting the Scottish capital, stay downtown to take advantage of all the wonderful things to see and do. We stayed at the Ibis Centre South Bridge, which made it easy to explore the Royal Mile and surrounding areas. Wish we could have stayed longer! 

The capital of Piemonte – Torino (Turin), Italy

Northern Italy’s Piemonte region’s capital is home to much more than the famous shroud of Turin. The birthplace of the slow food movement is rife with culinary delights, including some of the world’s finest wines (e.g. Barolo, Nebbiolo, and Barbera varieties) and hazelnut chocolates (e.g. Nutella and Guido Gobino). Torino was Italy’s first capital city (1861) and…

Channel Tunnel from England to France

What a cool way to ride under the English Channel! Dogs are allowed and there’s a hilarious dog exercise park with an obstacle course in the waiting area.                 Then you drive down and right onto the train!         

Richmond Park in London, U.K.

Went for a quick rip around this huge and beautiful park this afternoon. Loads of dogs (on leash) as well as cyclists and a herd of some kind of puny deer.      

Brightwood Golf Course in Dartmouth, NS

While technically not open to the public in winter, long time patrons assure us that dogs are allowed to enjoy this beautiful park during the off season.                        

Centennial Dog Park in Moncton, NB

The holiday road trip to Ontario included stops at Tim Hortons as well as the Centennial Dog Park in Moncton, NB. It’s a pretty good little park with space for dogs to play and some trees, as well as a separate little enclosure for little dogs.    

The Commons in Dartmouth, NS

This off leash dog park is our go to spot for everyday walks and has a beautiful view of the Halifax harbour.