A Visit to Castelnuovo Magra, SP, Italy

Castelnuovo Magra is a Ligurian hilltop town easily recognizable from the Magra River Valley below. It has a big castle tower on the north side and a big church tower on the south side. We went up and checked it out.

Castelnuovo Magra is about 15 km inland from Lerici
It looks out over the Magra River Valley towards the Tyrrhenian Sea
Julie and Bosco cuddled in dog jail on the way there
Heading up to to the Palace of the Bishops of Luni, Torre del Castello del Vescovi di Luni, on the north end of town
Bosco primed for adventure
Julie, Jeff and Bosco in the eighteenth-century Piazza Querciola, today called Piazza Matteotti, outside Castello di Castelnuovo Magra
The big church tower is on the south end of town, on Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena
Checking out the back steps of the Parish Church of Santa Maria Maddalena
L’Oratorio dei Bianchi o della Santa Vergine Assunta is also on the south side of town
We walked around town and then outside the walls
Parking is available outside of the walls
Julie and Bosco in one of the alleyways through the wall



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  1. Francine says:

    Another great adventure, and so close to your home!


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