With a Cerri on Top – Neighbouring Hilltop Towns Cerri and Trebiano, Frazioni di Arcola, SP, Italy


Sometimes the best adventures are right outside your door. There are two hilltop towns perched above the road from Lerici to Sarzana that we admire every time we drive by and finally got around to visiting. What amazing views! 

Just a couple km from Lerici, both Cerri and Trebiano are frazioni (hamlets) of the municipality of Arcola.
Cerri has a population of 131, and many unique homes.
Here we are below the Cerri church tower, tucked into a little square in town.
Nicki sits outside a beautiful residence in Cerri’s tiny church square.
Jeff, Nicki and the spectacular view of Trebiano from the edge of Cerri
Trebiano has a population of 156, just slightly larger than Cerri, but it looks bigger from the side with an imposing Castello at the top
The road between Cerri and Trebiano is currently closed. This is Trebiano on the approach from Romito Magra.
The view of Cerri from Trebiano.
Jeff and Bosco in front of Trebiano’s church, which is set apart on the side of town, unlike Cerri.
The view from Trebiano out over the Magra River and down toward Pisa.
Jeff and Bosco with a sign that says “PORTA LERICI”, indicating the Lerici door.
The view from a wall higher up in Trebiano, looking back towards the Tyrrhenian Sea over Cerri and Pugliola. Lerici is just below the dip to the left.
The town is beautifully well kept, with neat succulents and lots of cats on guard. They kept Bosco on his toes and some townspeople got a big kick out of their antics.
This archway has a point.
We tried to visit the castle but this was as close as we got. I don’t think it’s open to the public but there are lots of nice trails to walk or bike nearby.
The road/trail 413 behind the castle has views down the other side of the hill, Monte Buzzo, back inland toward Santo Stefano di Magra and over to La Spezia.
Bosco had a great time running around on this quiet road.
Looking out from this vantage point you can see the entire Magra Valley, with the Apuan Alps in the background and the beaches of Massa/Carrara on the right. There are certainly some perks to living on a hilltop!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Françoise says:

    Nice trip pictures as always. Julie is looking forward to discover part of all these close outings.


  2. Steve says:

    Enjoyed the photos. Miss you guys. Glad Nikki was able to visit you.


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