The Ancient Hilltop Town of Volterra in PI, Tuscany, Italy

Perched on a peak with panoramic views of the Tuscan landscape lies Volterra, a walled hilltop town with plenty of ancient sites. We stopped on the way from Lerici down to Rome and spent our time eating delicious food and admiring the glorious views. 

Volterra on approach
The Roman Theatre of Volterra dates to the 1st century BC
Bosco enjoys harkening back to Ancient Rome
Inside the city walls, Volterra is a prime example of a medieval Tuscan town
We stayed here at dog-friendly Hotel San Lino. It was lovely!
We had a glorious dinner here at La Vecchia Lira (The Old Lira), including wild boar prepared in the ancient Tuscan style and Chianina beef (one of the oldest cattle breeds in the world). Even Bosco had a taste, of course!
The streets are cool and narrow, making Volterra pleasant even under the scorching Tuscan sun
Pup peeps over the Etruscan walls down at the surrounding landscape. Lots of sunflowers and other crops around here
Fran, Ben, Jeff, Bosco and part of Volterra’s stunning panoramic vista
This gate, Porta all’Arco, in the Etruscan city walls dates to the 3rd century BC. The 3 heads are thought to be Jove, Castor and Pollux
Info about the Porta all’Arco


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  1. Michela says:



  2. Gayle Rippey says:

    Beautiful. I know most won’t agree…but I personnally like these lesser known areas and hilltop towns Much better than Rome or Venice. I think Bosco might agree with me. 🙂


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