Cinque Terre Hike from Portovenere to Telegrafo, Italy

Experience the beauty of the Cinque Terre trails without the crowds or fees by hiking just south of Riomaggiore on the AV5T. We did, and it was spectacular.

The trail
The view back at Portovenere from near the beginning of the AV5T
Looking down from the hills at the Portovenere castle and church, with the island of Palmaria behind them
Hitting the trail! These trails are all very well marked with red and white signs
Looking out the mouth of the Golfo dei Poetti
The Apuan Alps and the Italian west coast from Carrara to Livorno are visible once you get up high enough in the hills
Bosco and Leigh having a wonderful time hiking
There are plenty of trails to choose from in this area
The air was surprisingly still along the ridge and much of the trail is in the sun. We took plenty of water breaks to keep cool.
Up high by the antennae
Looking northwest toward the Cinque Terre
Looking back southeast at the Golfo dei Poetti and Apuan Alps from even higher up
Checking the map at Muzzerone
Looking back along the steep Ligurian Sea coast, the islands Tino and Tinetto are visible behind Palmaria
Enjoying the glorious views

The coast, islands and beaches near Livorno are visible from even higher up
Nice little humble abode
Plenty of the trail goes through the woods too so there’s plenty of opportunity to get cooled off. Watch out for ticks though and wear bug spray!
Stopped for a lovely lunch in Campiglia
La Spezia becomes visible a little ways farther down the trail
There’s a pretty funny ‘Gym in Green’ bunch of exercise stations setup in the woods
Part of the AV5T trail is currently closed for maintenance, but it’s easy to get around through the Palestra nel Verde trail

Bosco and Leigh having a great time on the teeter-totter!
Visit the park website here:


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Steve says:

    The views are spectacular from the trail. Looking forward to returning in 3 days time.


  2. theh2obaby says:

    Thanks for sharing! I dig the Palestra nel Verde idea. Too bad I’d be done in by the time I got there. Go Bosco!


  3. Francoise Glibert says:

    It looks so nice. I hooe we can go back there. …


  4. Francine says:

    Spectacular! I hope to do at least part of it soon.


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