A Visit to Pemberley – Lyme Park, Peak District, England, U.K.


Pride and Prejudice, published by Jane Austin in 1813, is one of the most-loved books in English literature. The BBC aired a 6-episode television adaptation in 1995. It too became a smashing success and is watched and rewatched on DVD by fans around the world, including Bosco. It was therefore imperative that we visit Lyme Park (set as Mr. Darcy’s magnificent estate, Pemberley) on our way through England. 

A classic scene with Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy at Pemberley
The Lyme Park grounds are extensive and a National Trust site. Unfortunately the gardens at the front of the house were closed, but we were still able to explore for hours
The main house is very grandiose. It seems absurd that a single noble family would have owned such a massive property
Climbed up the hill to get a look at the back of the house before heading off to explore
There’s a nice café near the timber yard with loads of people and dogs
Tea and scones with clotted cream
Bosco enjoys sampling foreign cuisine
Hiked up wooded trails and through pastures
Found a great view of the front of the house. Yay Pemberley! We “liked it very well indeed”
Bosco was thrilled to stretch his legs and run around full tilt with other off-leash dogs
Beautiful views of the Peak District with civilization visible down below. “It’s a fair prospect”
Enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the hills
Two stately lords in front of Pemberley
Sneaking a peek through the garden gate
We stayed nearby at Hollin Hall Country Estate, fancy yet affordable and dog-friendly!
Cool decor in the hall bar, and good nosh too
Opulent entryway… pretty sure our room was former servant’s quarters (not photographed)
Bosco counting sheep


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Steve says:

    Most impressive, indeed.


  2. Francine says:

    Wow, the scenery is stunning! Makes me want to visit as well!


  3. Nicole says:

    Love it!


  4. Gayle Rippey says:

    Gordon said “These accommodations don’t stand up to the F1 Hotel” 🙂


    1. jess says:

      Ha! He’s got that right


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