The Ring of Brodgar on Orkney Mainland, Scotland, U.K.

The Ring of Brodgar is a Neolithic Stone Circle as ancient as the Great Pyramids, built around 2600 BC. We visited on the winter solstice. It was majestic.

The Ring is located on a narrow strip of land between Loch of Harray and Loch of Stenness on Orkney Mainland
We had the place all to ourselves for a while on this cold, windy, beautiful day
Of the original 60 stones, 27 still stand today
The stones are red sandstone but their origin remains a mystery. The islands are quite barren, with no timber to aid in construction
Dogs are allowed! There was one leaving when we arrived and several arriving when we left, the rationale being that nothing a dog does compares to the harshness of the weather here
Jeff takes in the awe inspiring view
The ring of stones is surrounded by a circular ditch or henge
A path goes around the outside of the henge and there are a couple branching paths in and out of it
Bosco had a great time exploring prehistory
This is just one of nearly 3000 Neolithic sites identified on the Orkney Islands, many of which are impressively well preserved
Can you spot Bosco and Jess on one of the large mounds, thought to have been built outside the ring so that lookouts could announce celestial events such as the rising of the moon? This stone circle, as usual, has precise astronomical alignment
Jeff and Bosco head back down the path towards the Loch of Harray
Down the road to the east are the Standing Stones of Stenness. Supposedly the positions and alignment of the Standing Stones of Stenness, Brodgar and Bookan match the 3 stars of the Orion’s Belt constellation


3 Comments Add yours

  1. theh2obaby says:

    Gorgeous! What an amazing way to spend Solstice. Go Bosco!


  2. VanDoggo says:

    Adding this to out ‘must do’ list!!!


  3. Steve says:

    Very colourful and interesting sky.
    You can feel the chill of the wind in these photos.


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