Excellent Edinburgh in Scotland, U.K.

When visiting the Scottish capital, stay downtown to take advantage of all the wonderful things to see and do. We stayed at the Ibis Centre South Bridge, which made it easy to explore the Royal Mile and surrounding areas. Wish we could have stayed longer!

St Giles’ Cathedral, AKA the High Kirk of Edinburgh on High Street
Edinburgh Castle contains Scotland’s crown jewels and The Stone of Destiny, used in the coronation of Scottish rulers
The Castle sits on Castle Rock, dominating the Edinburgh skyline
Looking down at the holiday festivities from North Bank Street
Bosco enjoying his 4th day of Christmas
Looking up High Street toward the castle
Sur”pies”ingly delicious, the Scots really know how to make tiny meal pies. There are also lots of cashmere shops and pubs, of course
The Scottish parliament is kinda neat
A hike through Holyrood Park is a must. So majestic!
Bosco loved life in Holyrood Park and met lots of other off leash dog friends. Breathtaking views just a short walk from the city centre.
They’re building a fancy new bridge over the River Forth
Beautiful views driving north through the Scottish Highlands. Next stop: Inverness!


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