The Warwick on Christmas in England, U.K.


Midway between London and Liverpool lies Warwick, home to magnificent Warwick Castle and some of the friendliest people we’ve ever met.

Jolly old St. Nicholas Park has beautiful gardens, affords a lovely view of Warwick Castle and the River Avon, and has loads of off-leash dogs
Bosco and Jeff rolling through Saint Nick’s grounds
Lovely trees along the River Avon
That’s one happy pup!
Bosco was overcome by the lovely views
Warwick Castle dates from 1068, the days of William the Conquerer
We stopped in for tea and scones with clotted cream at this sweet shop, “love, bread & co.” Bosco was very popular and we made some new friends
We weren’t expecting to get mooned…
Eastgate, one of two remaining 11th century gateways into Warwick
Bosco’s 4th Day of Christmas toy, a Kong Jumbler ball that has a surprisingly shrill squeaker and might get us kicked out of the hotel


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Michela says:

    Beautiful Merry Christmas


    1. jess says:

      Grazie Michela, Buon Natale a voi 🙂


  2. Francine says:

    Looks absolutely balmy there! So lovely! Glad you are enjoying yourselves, xo


    1. jess says:

      Thanks! It’s similar temperature to Italy, only much foggier.


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