Traversing the Alps via Monte Bianco/Mont Blanc


Crossing from Italy to France through the tallest mountain in the Alps sure is a breeze thanks to modern infrastructure. The drive from Lerici in Italy to Bourg-en-Bresse in France is smooth and scenic.

Bosco was delighted by the little dusting of snow in the ground at this Agip service station
Passed pretty close to the iconic Matterhorn, but couldn’t quite spot it
Can you spot the gondola going up the ski hill?
About to be swallowed by Monte Bianco on the Italian side. Rising 4.8 km above sea level, it’s the tallest mountain in the Alps. The tunnel is 11.6 km long
A glacier! One of a few we spotted along the way. The picture doesn’t do the cool greenish colour of the ice justice – they’re beautiful!
France has been having serious problems with air pollution lately. Limiting speeds is one approach they’re taking to control it but it was pretty smoggy and stinky in places
Pretty sunset coming down Route de Chamonix
It was dark when we finally arrived at the dog-friendly Ibis Bourg Jasseron/Teyssonage. Here’s Bosco enjoying his First Day of Christmas toy, a demented red bird. Apparently it has a rope skeleton; a weird Kong durability thing. (He’s on a blanket we brought from home, if anyone’s worried)


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  1. Françoise says:

    Nice pictures. It is pretty cold and snowy here. Kellie and Odie rediscovered their Kong’s with some treat in it. I

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jess says:

      That sounds nice – we miss the snow this time of year! Probably won’t miss it in March though 🙂


  2. Steve says:

    That Monte Bianco tunnel is an amazing work of engineering. It must have seemed like you’d never reach the end of It!


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