At the edge of the Alps in Rota D’imagna, Lombardy, Italy

Clean mountain air and stunning vistas out over the Imagna Valley are two of the best things about a visit to Hotel Miramonte in Rota D’imagna. The wonderful restaurant and fantastic spa don’t hurt either! We spent 3 glorious nights at this family-run hotel and can highly recommend it.

Bosco, Jeff, Janet and Bob in front of Hotel Miramonte. The rooms facing the valley have balconies and are spacious and well appointed. Our excellent rooms were on level -1 and -3.
Panorama of Bosco out sunbathing on our balcony in November
The hot tub down below is one of several pools and saunas part of the hotel spa. Janet and Jess both got massages – note: European modesty is a little different than in North America!
Look at the cool garden path down the terraced hill below the hotel! It’s well lit at night, and Jess, Jeff and Bosco were given a room with very convenient access to the side door so Bosco could go out – very thoughtful!
The town is very beautiful and quite small, with other nearby towns visible on the surrounding hillsides
We went for a lovely hike, from Hotel Miramonte (located at the *) through town and around the loop in red
Happy pooch loving the crisp mountain air!
Very enamored by these big doggies (donkeys, with some cute little baby ones too!)
Beautiful views from the trail, plus isn’t Bosco’s red mustache cute on his smiling face? Ha!
Checked out a neat alter inside a little old stone shed. One finds this sort of thing all over Italy, unlike North America
Tiny house of hay, or perhaps hay baled manually
These views, these glorious views!
Into the woods, past what appears to be some type of old crypt. Not quite as colourful as maple trees in Canadian autumn, but spectacular nonetheless
Can you spot the red and white trail marker denoting the 586?
Back for a lovely time in a lovely town

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Francoise Glibert says:

    Always great pictures! It looks the weather is still quite nice.


  2. Francine says:

    Looks lovely, even in late autumn!


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