Remembrance at Parco di Trenno in Milan, Italy


Our Remembrance Day visit to the Milan War Cemetary was beautiful and included a pleasant surprise – the wonderful Parco di Trenno surrounding it.

Dogs aren’t allowed in the cemetery, so Jeff, Bob and Janet went in while Bosco and Jess enjoyed the park around it
Rows of small white WWII gravestones fill the cemetery
Bob was happy to get the chance to visit and placed a Canadian poppy on a wreath
The park is huge and there were loads of dogs frolicking off leash with their owners just in behind the cemetary
Sometimes you need to get a better view of the surroundings. There are lots of benches and shady spaces for picnicking and relaxing
Plenty of water fountains with clean running water, perfect pit stops for pooches at play
This part of Lombardy is flat and beautiful, just south of the Alps
A big spacious park is the perfect place to strike a pose
Bosco was hoping to get discovered as a dog model. He wasn’t, but as you can see, his work is quite good
What a great place to spend a sunny afternoon


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