The beasts of Fiesole, Firenze, Italy

High in the hills on the northeastern edge of Florence is the scenic Etruscan town of Fiesole. Conquered by Romans in 283 BC, it was once a powerful independant town that rivaled Firenze. Their skirmishes led Dante to reference “the beasts of Fiesole” in his Divine Comedy.

Where to next?
Bosco checks on Fran to be sure she’s enjoying the view safely
The views down to Florence are indeed spectacular. Can you recognize the cattedrale?
Up as high as the clouds covering Firenze, Bosco was on cloud 9
There are lots of other things to see, such as the Roman amphitheater, but really this view is the most spectacular
Bosco and the clock tower on the cathedral of Fiesole, from the sunny main piazza which we later got a bite to eat in
The decorated Comune di Fiesole looks out over Piazza Mino

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