Etruscan seaside town of Piombino, Italy

Mention of Tuscany brings visions of rolling hills and villas to mind, but the costal towns of this region are indeed also worth a look. We spent an afternoon exploring the ancient Etruscan port of Piombino. 

Bosco does a little yoga in preparation for a stroll upon arrival in Piombino
The walk through this pretty town has some cool historic sites including the Rivellino – the walls tower-gate from 1212
The best part is definitely Piazza Bovio and the waterfront walk out to the point
Nice place to relax and enjoy the sparkling sea
It’s a pretty romantic spot, no wonder Bosco was overcome with love
Bosco took a new friend out for a drink, which was welcome on a hot late-September afternoon
The island of Elba is just 10km off the coast and has a rich history (Napoleon was exiled there, among other things)
Lots of other people and dogs were out sea-gazing
Helpful signs tell you which islands you’re looking at and help you find cool places to visit in town
Looking south along the edge of town
Plenty of benches to sit or stand like Captain Morgan on
The streets are pretty wide on the way up from the waterfront and there are some shops and cafes and stuff
Pretty imposing town hall and clock tower


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