Hike with a batcave near Canarbino, Lerici, Italy

We’ve stumbled upon some amazing places on hikes around Lerici, but this might be the coolest discovery yet: a batcave! Holy hole in a hill, Batman!

This route took us about 3 hours and is around 11 km
Jeff and Bosco heading up the 461, close to point 3 on the map above
The view of Lerici from the AVG trail between points 3 and 4. It rained a little, which was a nice change from the usual sweltering heat here 🙂
The bat cave!!! It doesn’t have a sign or anything, but is a very deep hole (near point 5 on the AVG) and is surrounded by guano (more visible in video). Bosco knew it was something cool!
Apparently Bosco had been here before and opened up a sea view themed B&B
The view back towards Lerici over San Terenzo near point 6. What a beautiful place!
We were actually planning to go up the 413 to Canarbino, but missed the turn and ended up still on the AVG near Pin Bon (delicious restaurant with a great view featured in a previous blog post). We stopped for a picnic beside this lovely vineyard and watched the rains over the Golfo dei Poeti
Then we headed downhill to San Terenzo. A rainy panoramic from Lerici Castle (left) to San Terenzo Castle (right) taken during our seaside trek home

Video of the batcave :O​


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  1. theh2obaby says:

    Very cool! We love our mosquito-eating bats 🙂


  2. Michela says:



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