Boat ride to Portovenere, Italy

One of the great things about the Italian Rivièra is the opportunity to visit neighbouring villages and islands by sea. Bosco’s first boat ride was the ferry from Lerici to Portovenere. Yes, dogs are allowed on ferries too and it takes about 20 minutes. From there, one can continue on to the Cinque Terre or catch a boat to a variety of other destinations. We explored Portovenere itself, which is wonderful, and took the 40 minute cruise around the 3 islands of the Golfo Dei Poeti, “Giro Delle 3 Isole”.

Bosco’s first boat ride! We stayed indoors out of the hot sun. A nice roomy cabin
Leigh, Jess and Bosco upon arrival at Portovenere’s beautiful waterfront
Checking out the old gothic church at the point of Portovenere
It’s a very pretty town with many shops, restaurants and gelaterias
We went for a dip in Byron’s Grotto – named for the famous poet and swimming enthusiast
Bosco swam a bit, but he found the waves coming in to the grotto rocks more stressful than the gentle beach entries he’s used to. Our friend Iva and her toddler had a hard time too, so mobility heads up
Perhaps this view, Will inspire you, To write poems too?
This is the sign for our 3 island cruise
Portovenere is spectacular by sea! This point is visible in many of my hiking pictures of the gulf from around Lerici, but even better up close
Tinetto. The white buoy thing is actually a statue of the madonna and is only accessible by sea. The people who live here that have boats really have it made! Pictures don’t do this beautiful landscape justice, plus the water is warm warm warm for swimming
Torre Scuola is so isolsted and beautiful that you can’t tear your eyes off it
When we got back to Portovenere after our island tour, we had time for lunch and more exploring before catching the ferry home to Lerici. Here we are up the hill at the National Park. As usual, Bosco had a million friends and admirers – it’s a dog friendly place
Jeff, Bosco and the view of the Gulf of Poets from the Portovenere National Park. The other gothic church visible in this picture was built in the 1100’s after the Genovese purchased the town – just one chapter in it’s rich history. Lerici and La Serra are visible in the background above the church

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  1. Francine says:

    That looks incredible!!! And we now have a new place to add to our fall itinerary.


  2. Nicole says:

    So awesome!


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