Dog Beach San Vincenzo, Tuscany, Italy

If a long sandy beach on the turquoise Tyrhhean Sea where all the sunbathers have friendly dogs that play together sounds fun to you, you will love Dog Beach in San Vincenzo. Bosco thought he had died and gone to heaven!

Here’s the map. It’s a huge beach with lots of facilities, including showers for dogs (8), a private section with umbrella and chair rentals (10), and a beautiful big public section (13) that we went to
Pretty nice home base!
You can buy snacks from vendor trollies that roll back and forth every now and again (including fresh fruit from a “fruit pirate” and even dog ice cream). However, we were all set with our “ants on a log” 🙂
The majority of dogs (including Bosco) were off leash and having a great time running around visiting their neighbours. You’ll make lots of friends but don’t expect to keep your towel sand free!
Bosco never strayed very far and would always run by for a kiss and some shade between his visits with our neighbours
Paradise! Warm sea, sunny skies, soft sand (and everybody was great about cleaning up after their pet – a rarity in Italy)
So many happy dogs and people! It was very relaxing and all the dogs got along
There are paths through the woods (number 4s on the map above) that are nice and cool on a hot summer day. You can walk through them to the parking area, which has plenty of space. Overall this beach is a wonderful place!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Tina Poirier says:

    Oh, what fun! Beautiful looking beach!


  2. Francine says:

    Fun for everyone! Looks awesome. Maybe we can go there in September.


  3. VanDoggo says:

    Thank you for letting us know about this amazing beach…We are going to add this stop to our trip in September as we will be passing right by here. What an incredible place!!!


  4. VanDoggo says:

    I have a question – how safe do you feel the parking lot is, if we stop here for 3 hours? We will be driving from Florence to Rome and will have all of our luggage in the car. Cheers!


    1. jess says:

      That’s awesome! Hope you guys have a great time there. I think the parking lots should be fine to leave your stuff in. There are actually a couple lots as well as some parking along the road, all just out in the open and with nothing sketchy nearby. The only people there are beach goers so I’d just lock the doors and not worry 🙂


    2. jess says:

      PS By the way, you should check and make sure your dog is vaccinated for leptospirosis before you get here because apparently it’s pretty common (unlike in NS).


  5. VanDoggo says:

    Thank you for the tips!!!


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