Lerici’s Castle – Castello di Lerici, Italy

The most prominent landmark
of Lerici, the castle, is visible from all over the place but is worth checking out close up. It has spectacular views of the Gulf of Poets and is home to a delightfully wacky museum – there’s a gothic chapel, modern art sculptures, and a permanent dinosaur exhibit. A tunnel underneath it connects the waterfront to a secret beach and restaurant, and usually displays artwork from the local art school. 

King of the castle and the court “Jeffster”
Jess, Bosco, Rosa, Colette and Jeff besiege the castle
The view of Lerici harbour from the Castle Piazza near the museum entrance
Bosco and the Bates family appreciating the view
Up we go, into the museum. Bosco was not the only dog in there
The very top part of the castle, looking towards Portovenere and the islands
The Lerici waterfront is so pretty at night, and the castle is its crowning glory
It’s also the site of Lerici’s only Pokemon Gym (red post thing, top left), so there’s that


One Comment Add yours

  1. theh2obaby says:

    It’s pretty cool having our own castle. I love our lighthouse, too. Good boy, Bosco.


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