The hilltop town of Montemerano in the Grosseto Province of Tuscany, Italy

This picturesque Tuscan hilltop town we visited on a whim was like a dream come true.

Fran, Jeff and Bosco enjoy the pride people take in their homes’ appearance here


Hill town explorers


The edge of town


Jeff, Fran and Tuscany


Hilltop towns always needed a lookout for protection


Exploring the hilltop town


Into the lovely upper piazza we go


A local ceramic art shop on a little street


The view of the Tuscan countryside from a hilltop town never gets old


Up up and away


Saint George and the dragon, and likeness


The helpful Montemerano map ensures you find the little pathways to the cool sites. Bosco found the giant pine cone on his own


What a pretty spot


Jeff and Fran consider hilltop real estate


Doorways to size


Italian towns often have drinking water fountains just like this one. Bosco enjoys a tasting


At the edge of town


Beautiful hilltop homes


The upper town square is really nice


Checking out the lower square with the Duomo San Giorgio


Neat town walls






We had lunch in this lovely establishment, featuring Cinghiale – Tuscan wild boar!



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