Soaking up Saturnia in the Grosseto province of Tuscany, Italy

Ancient Roman legend has it that the god Saturn created these majestic hot springs by zapping the earth with a thunderbolt in order to settle down the constantly warring humans. People have enjoyed soaking in the turquoise, sulpherous, consistently 37.5 degree C waters ever since. The picturesque Cascate del Mulino is the perfect place for a dip and is even free to enter. Just remember to bring a towel.  

The view of Cascate del Mulino among the Tuscan hills
Bosco checks out the pools under the cascate
You can also go in down the river, where it’s a little cooler and less busy
How luxurious! Fran, Jess and Bosco enjoying the water to varying degrees
Fran beside the shimmering waters. The waterfall is behind the building
Here’s where we stayed, “La Casa Delle Cascate”. Dog friendly, cosy and quiet but right beside the falls
You can also go in up-river from the falls. We had fun exploring the hidden trail through the field along the river.
A sunset dip is truly glorious
Its definitely a good idea to stay nearby so you can enjoy the beautiful off-peak hours such as this
Bosco didn’t go into the upper pools, but there were lots of dogs around relaxing by the beach-like water’s edge
There’s also a nice little cantina where you can get a bite to eat and some refreshing drinks, such as the classic Italian Aperol Spritz or Campari and Soda


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