A “marbelous” time in Colonnata, Carrara, Italy

High in the Carraran marble mountains (the Apuan Alps) lies Colonnata, a historic hamlet well worth a visit. The marble quarries are as active as ever, so the scenery is both beautiful and intriguing. There are marble statues everywhere and main piazza is even paved with marble.

Bosco isn’t too sure about this pig statue


An old fella


Bosco in the parking square, Piazza Palestro


Inspecting the Carraran marble that serves as humble pavement


Heading up to see the monument to mining, which includes pictographical tablets, a statue proudly demonstrating its fabulous outfit, and a peacock presiding over everything


Bosco checks out the tablets and imagines how painstaking early marble mining must have been


Al Cavatore


Bosco and Fran check out the mountainous terrain


Little roads criss-cross the mountain, leading to and from the quarries

The humans enjoyed a delicious sampling of local delicacies, including lardo – thinly sliced pork fat that has been cured for months in special marble enclosures, the way as it has been done here ever since Roman times.

Fran and Jeff enjoy some Colonnata delicacies during a thundershower while Bosco and a couple other little dogs snooze on the floor


Of course, like most of Italy, it’s a dog friendly place! the bulldog in the background guards a lovely marble shop


How marbelous!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Steve says:

    Don’t lose your marbles!


  2. Steve says:

    The photo of Bosco looking up at the pig statue is a good one. You just know what he’s thinking!


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