Tuscan weekend in San Donato, Italy

If you’re looking for a long weekend getaway in Tuscany (dog friendly or otherwise), the tiny hamlet of San Donato outside the ancient hilltop town of San Gimignano is fabulous. It is predominantly composed of Fattoria San Donato, an agriturismo (working organic farm) that produces several varieties of wine, olive oil, delicious honey and other preserves that are all available along with wine tastings in the cosy store. 

  The family that own the place are so friendly that you will instantly feel at home, and they LOVE dogs! Bosco felt like the belle of the ball as they showered him with admiration and affection. They have 2 sweet dogs of their own, Cesira and Biaggio, who have the run of the place and came to the door of our rented house frequently to call on Bosco. 

Biaggio sits hopefully in front of Rosa as Cesira relaxes in front of the tasting bar in the store
Jess, Fran, Rosa and Colette enjoy tasting a variety of wines, vin santo and grappas with some saffron spread nibbles
  There are wines named after Fede (the mother, whose namesake is the Chiante Colli Senesi Riserva) and their three daughters, of whom we met Benedette (a friendly grade 11 student who is studying English, French and German and whose namesake is the Vernaccia di San Gimignano Riserva) – all unique and 
Bosco hangs out on the floor and enjoys the action
Cesira is very protective of Biaggio and puts the enthusiastic Bosco in his place when he gets too excited by standing over him. Bosco complies immediately and the three are best buddies.
By 7am the Tuscan sun has already warmed the air for a lovely walk through the field
Bosco’s nose was in overdrive as there are many wild animals here, including boar, deer and foxes. Here he is heading back up to San Donato
Bosco was captivated by the chickens, rooster and goat
Rosa, Fran and Bosco stand on a ridge overlooking the Tuscan landscape
Rosa and Bosco in the frong yard of our rental place
The building on the left has the store and the one on the right is where we stayed
Jess and Bosco at home in the doorway
Bosco loved sunbathing and receiving visitors on the steps
Bosco peeks out the side door to the patio. At one point, Biaggio shoved his way through the foliage above the wall to jump in and join us!
The family and a few staff members host marvelous dinners some evenings above the store. It was unbelievably good! Fede keeps an eye on things from the doorway.
Jess, Bosco and a Tuscan poppy at San Donato


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  1. Steve says:

    Great pictures, Jess. The one of Cesira standing over Boscoe to calm him down was pretty funny!


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