The walled city of Lucca, Italy

The walled renaissance city of Lucca proved a worthy detour on the drive back to Lerici from San Donato. There is ample parking at the wall entrances, and from there one walks into the increasing bustle of the centro. We had lunch in the elliptical Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, a former second century Roman amphitheater that is now ringed by restaurant patios. On our way back to the car, we took an elevated stroll along the top of the wall. We were stopped by two elderly Italian ladies sitting on a bench who wanted to pat Bosco and told us he was the most beautiful dog in the world! Ha!

Welcome to Lucca
Bosco and entourage strut down the streets of Lucca
The buildings are all painted the warm colours typical of north western Italy, and many have shops or cafés in the ground floor
The tower in the background has trees on the top of it
Figuring out where to eat in Piazza dell’Anfiteatro
The city is guarded by wide walls that now feature lovely walkways with trees, gardens and even playgrounds. Here we are heading up one of the many ramps
Jeff and Bosco enjoy the views from the wall down to the trees and the fertile Serchio plain in Tuscany
The walks on the top of the walls are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike
The walls also afford nice views back into the interior of the city.


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