Hilltop town of San Gimignano

The hilltop town of San Gimignano features 12th century towers encircled by a 13th century wall -mostly unchanged after the town was wiped out by plague, and now revitalized as a popular tourist destination.

Heading up into town


Looking out over the walls at the Tuscan landscape


Rosa, Colette, Bosco, Jess and Fran; beauties abreast a breathtaking backdrop


The towers attest the wealth of the families who comissioned them


Jeff and Bosco enjoying some shade


Bosco was impressed by some particularly acrobatic pidgeons


The views are amazing!


Bosco made a friend in the park above the ornithology museum


The cistern is in the middle of a piazza (square), Piazza Cisterna, filled with gelaterias and restaurants


The duomo (church) steps are a popular place to sit and look down at the other main square, Piazza Duomo


Bosco supports local artists. We collected quite a few pieces from the talented locals displaying their work about town. San Gimi is a great place for high quality souveneirs


There are lots of nice views on the drive in and out of San Gimi



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