Trees of the trail from Barcola to Lerici, Italy

The remarkable difference in vegetation north and south of the Alps is something one notices immediately upon crossing into Italy from France. The trail from Barcola down to Lerici features some spectacular examples of northern Italy’s beautiful greenery. 

From home we headed downtown, took the steep and rocky 461 up to the AVG, then enjoyed the foliage on our way back down the shady and well maintained 460
 Cyprus trees are an ancient symbol of mourning and usually mark cemeteries.


The view of Lerici and the Tyrrhean sea near the top of trail 461
The top of trail 460 has steep walls and the shade is welcome after the climb on a hot day. Bosco likes the lizards that live in the walls
 If you need to mend a friendship and are looking for an olive branch, there are loads to choose from around here. Olive groves serve both a decorative and palatable purpose.


The 460 opens up into a secluded woodland area containing many olive trees
Below the olive grove, the sea becomes visible and the foliage seems ever more tropical
Palm trees appear like green fireworks heralding your arrival into town. Bosco enjoys this
Pretty nice, eh?
Long stemmed roses drop petals when the breeze blows and doves (well, pigeons) welcome you as you make the final leg down the aisle into historic Lerici


One Comment Add yours

  1. Francine says:

    Wonderful! I can almost smell the forest, flower and sea scented air….and in one more week I will be walking there with you two!


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