A glimpse of the past near Fiascherino, Italy

We came across this monument while hiking on Trail 464 near Fiascherino. It reads “1914 GRAZIA RICEVUTA”, which translates to “grace received”.  

  Nearby, there is an abandoned bunker surrounded by a rusty old barbed wire fence that has been partially reclaimed by ivy. A brief internet search was unable to elucidate it’s mysterious history.  

Bosco checking out the bunker
The view near Fiascherino of the Tyrrhenian Sea
Poppies and puppy
Wild roses on a hill
Bosco patiently waiting for the flower pictures to stop
Coming back into Lerici with a view of Golfo dei Poeti
What a day!


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  1. Francine says:

    So many awesome trails! Are they all accessible from Lerici?


    1. jess says:

      Yes, easily accessible on foot from our place!. There are quite a few more that we haven’t even done yet


  2. Steve says:

    Perhaps a WW1 battle site?. Lots of bunkers come up on the internet but need to translate from the Italian explanations.
    Bosco had a full day of exploring!


    1. jess says:

      Could be! There are quite a few interesting things around this area, it has a rich history.


  3. Francoise Glibert-Bates says:

    Phil would be interested in the bunker! And Paul too! I enjoy all these hikings!


  4. Francoise Glibert-Bates says:

    We (Phil, Paul and I) are going to Belgium in July (6-22). We are planning to go to Pise, Florence for a few days during this period and say hello to you if you are available. Will you be around?


    1. jess says:

      That sounds great Francoise! Yes we will. It will probably be quite hot then, but luckily we live close to some beaches great for cooling off at. You’re welcome to stay here – we have room, or else we can all meet up, or you can even drop Paul with us for a while if he wants to. Let’s get in touch via email to make a plan 🙂


  5. Craig says:

    I believe most of the bunkers in this area are WWII construction. The area was heavily defended and heavily bombed. Every year or so someone turns up a big piece of ordinance from one side or the other; usually resulting in an evacuation and demolition. An uncorroborated story from the early years has two of the centre’s scientist’s, English and German, watching a bomb being raised from the boat harbour and debating which country had dropped it there.

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