The weekly market in Sarzana, Italy

Bosco took his first bus ride today to the weekly outdoor market in the neighbouring little city of Sarzana. The vendors travel to a different place each day (in Lerici the market is on Saturday mornings) but Sarzana is the biggest and on Thursdays. Some of our new English speaking friends live there and our Nova Scotian pal Amy that lives in Lerici let us tag along with her.

It’s pretty crowded with locals and spans several city blocks but we managed to snap a picture here at the cheese stand at the end of a row.  Food, clothes, knick-knacks and leather are the most common items. We ducked into a café for a cappuccino break. Bosco is getting the hang of hanging out under tables!  

Leigh, Charmane, Gayle and Bosco in one of many chic cafes around Sarzana

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Françoise says:

    It is easier to travel there with a dog. Quite
    nice for you.


    1. jess says:

      You’re right, easy and fun! He may feel insulted when we come back to Canada and his social life diminishes significantly.


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