April in Paris, France

A little rain can’t dampen our spirits – after all, April showers bring May flowers!  

Bosco, Jeff and our hybrid rental car
Relaxing in Hotel Boris V.



Eiffel tower!
Waiting while Jeff gets groceries in Franprix

Having a beer and watching Les Simpsons before bed
 There are already many beautiful spring flowers in bloom here in France. 


Much like the ONROUTE rest stops on the 401 in Ontatio, the A1 in France has Aires every 10 km or so, perfect for a quick break!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Francoise Glibert says:

    Nice trees and forsythias. I hope Bosco is a good boy and is enjoyng the french food.


    1. jess says:

      Absolutely, he even made a posh Parisian friend this evening!


      1. Steve says:

        Does that mean he’s out on a date?


  2. Fran says:

    I’m loving these posts and awaiting the next one! Looks like the trip has gone pretty smoothly.


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