Ikea in Pisa, Italy

Most people agree Ikea is a great place to pick up all sorts of home furnishings, but in Italy, it’s also a great place to take your dog.          Advertisements

A glimpse of the past near Fiascherino, Italy

We came across this monument while hiking on Trail 464 near Fiascherino. It reads “1914 GRAZIA RICEVUTA”, which translates to “grace received”.     Nearby, there is an abandoned bunker surrounded by a rusty old barbed wire fence that has been partially reclaimed by ivy. A brief internet search was unable to elucidate it’s mysterious…

The weekly market in Sarzana, Italy

Bosco took his first bus ride today to the weekly outdoor market in the neighbouring little city of Sarzana. The vendors travel to a different place each day (in Lerici the market is on Saturday mornings) but Sarzana is the biggest and on Thursdays. Some of our new English speaking friends live there and our…

Hike from Lerici to La Serra, Italy

Lerici has acces to quite a few hiking trails – this one took us way up the hill and slightly down the coast to the village of La Serra. The views back down to Lerici, San Terenzo and across the harbour to Portovenere are simply spectacular!      

Grocery shopping at Conad in Lerici, Italy

Today was Bosco’s first trip to the grocery store. It’s interesting that you can bring your dog in (there were several other dogs there) but you must use gloves to touch any of the fresh fruits or vegetables.      

Waterfront Trail from Lerici to San Terenzo, Italy

Last night we strolled along the waterfront from the central square, Piazza Garibaldi in Lerici along the water to the neighbouring village of San Terenzo as the sun set over the hills across the water.     It was a warm night and the air smells like mayflowers. There are palm trees everywhere and three big…

Cala Caletta in Lerici, Italy

This hidden treasure of a beach is tucked away down a trail about a 5 minute walk from our house.  It’s tiny and the stairs are steep, but it’s well worth the climb!        Bosco had a whale of a time.  

La Dolce Vita in Lerici, Italy

Arrived at last!!! Jeff sure pulled out all the stops to welcome us to our new home. It is an absolutely glorious place. Bosco the Italian cane is right at home!                 

Putting on Aires on France’s Autoroutes

France really knows how to road trip! Here are few examples of the lovely little service stops along the way that make driving across the French countryside a breeze!             

Visiting Shawn in Grenoble, France

The drive from Paris to Grenoble is beautiful but we sure were happy to finally arrive!           Parking in Grenoble is a challenge, so we parked in the museum lot and crossed the river to Shawn’s placed on foot.      Sunday evening we hiked up to the Bastille. It’s a lovely trek that…