Beach babe in Caribou Island, NS

Life’s a beach when you’re a puppy by the seashore. These pictures are all at Caribou Island but over the course of a few different beach days in 2015.

Ready to hit the surf

It’s beautiful!

Nicki prays not to get her world rocked

Sometimes the best thing to do is dig a little hole and fall asleep in it

Island days are the best

Have a snack and get right back at it  

When Bosco met Lucci

Birds of a feather… well, sort of. Lucci’s smooth and Bosco’s scruffy

Puppy love
Jess and sleepy baby Bosco

Jess, Bosco and Gussie Bear

Learning about water from cousin Teigan

Party time on the island

Cuddled up beside Nicki

A couple great whites washed up and kept going at it

Pups in action!

Wrestlemania outdoor edition

Caribou Island beaches sure are beautiful



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